Saturday, 21 December 2013

The blackberry z30:game changer

Hi Guys,
I was surfing through the computer village to see if i could get an upgrade for my Z10. I was stuck between the Samsung S4 or HTC 2. But finally decided to go for the BlackBerry Z30 when one guy i met in SLOT shop was vouching for this phone! Boy, if you are an upwardly mobile in the corporate world or classy chic/babe and you've not got this are missing!
This is seriously deaf and gives whatever you can get in the market a run for their money. I would cut Blackberry guys some slack cos they have really upgraded and woken up to present reality in phone market. The phone is loaded with more than 10,000 apps you name it from gaming, to current affairs, food,health, entertainment, akpako things wink, whatever, this device got it!
The icing on the cake is the amaziing speed and powerful sound effect, in fact you can wax your own music with it! cool
Guys, i wanna know, who has used this phone in the house, please share your experience! BTW the best way to enjoy it is with the BES10 and airtel plan is da bomb when it comes out

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