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How tecno stole the show from Nokia,BlackBerry and samsung

Tecno Mobile Nigeria is one of the leading mobile brand in nigeria and also africa. Tecno is well known for selling android powered phones at cheap rate and is already a household name in nigeria. Although some weeks ago i critized tecno and said Tecno Phones Are Of Low Quality , The truth is that nigerians still love tecno and tecno is waxing strong everyday.

How It All Started

Tecno began the smartphone war in nigeria with the launch of Tecno N3 In november 2012. Tecno's first android phone , tecno N3 didnt feature some awesome specs. Looking at the specs alone you'ld know that at that time , tecno still had a lot of work to do on their phones. Tecno n3 featured a poor 3.5'inch display with just 256,000 colours , a poor 800Hz single core processor and a TERRIBLE 256RAM. Worst of all it had a 1400mAh Battery capacity and ran on android 2.3.5 gingerbread version. Funny enough tecno n3 managed to make huge sales in nigeria , which cost about #10,000 at that time.

The Year 2013 In Review

The year 2013 was no doubt the most successful year in tecno's history. Tecno androids really rocked 2013 and was able to win the hearts of thousands on nigerians.

Tecno kicked off the year 2013 with the release of Tecno N7, an improved version of tecno n3. Tecno really uped their game with the release of tecno n7. Tecno n7 featured an impressive 4.0' inch display , internal memory of 4GB , ram of 512MB and an impressive dual core processor of frequency 1.0 GHz CPU , all of which ran on android 4.0 ice cream version. Tecno n7 really outshined tecno n3 and made thousands of sale within a short time.

Next up was tecno b3. Tecno b3 was more like tecno n3 in the same size. B3 also features 3.5inches screen , just like the n3. B3 ran on android 2.3.5 gingerbread version and also featured a 512MB Ram.

Ever since then , tecno slowly but steadily grew its popularity in nigeria and also its fan base too. As at august 2013 , tecno mobile's facebook fanpage clocked 100,000 Fans which showed that its strenght in nigeria was growing by the day. I could also recall that tecno organised a 'Smart' Contest in september 2013. The smart contest was organised to discover the smartest tecno user in nigeria. This strategy actually worked as many nigerians participated in the contest and tecno also increased in popularity. The winner of the contest got home with a whooping #100, 00 in cash from tecno.

Tecno also released its first tablet in 2013. Tecno phantom pad was released in july 2013 and it was the first tablet ever released by tecno. Featuring an 8inch display , a 1GM ram , 1.2Ghz dual core processor and ran on android 4.2.1 jelly bean version , tecno phantom pad touted itself as one of tecno's powerful machines in 2013.

But tecno's best android device in 2013 was the Tecno Phantom Aplus. It can hardly be argued that tecno phantom a plus was the best tecno device in 2013 and argueable the best selling device in 2013. Phantom a was released with the tagline '#Innovation To Succeed For You And For Everyone'. Phantom a plus sports a 5inch display with 16million colours , 2100mAh battery capacity , 1.2 GHz dual-core Mediatek MT6577H CPU , 1GB ram and also runs on android 4.2jellybean version which has been confirmed that it will be able to use BBM. Phantom a was ranked no 7 in my list of 10 Smartphones That Rocked 2013. That wasnt all from tecno , other flagship phones were released. This includes Tecno P5 , Tecno m3 , Tecno L3 , Tecno D1 , Tecno Q1 , Tecno D7 , Tecno M5, Tecno M7 And A Few More Others. Even in late 2013 , Tecno Released Phantom A3 and also Tecno Released Tecno P9, Tecno D9 And Tecno S5 all at the same time.

What To Expect In 2014

We're expecting tecno to up their game and give nigerians more. In the year 2014 we're expecting tecno phones with

•Gorilla Glass Display

•Water And Dust Proof

•Other Cool And Unique Features. And Most Importantly ,

•Phones With OTA Upgrade.

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