Saturday, 15 February 2014

Open letter to Etisalat

Dear Etisalat,
Have you ever gone to the market, pay money for goods then head back to your destination without picking up the goods? silly right? Thats the same way it feels when Etisalat deducts N50 for Sms subscription i never subscribed to every month. The first time this happen, i actually overlooked because i thought it could have been a mistake from their part. I know i absolutely didn't subscribe to any sms subscription, football alert at that, so i decided to opt out and moved on, i never realized that was just the beginning until same thing happened the following month, then it was just like i was dropping N50 in fire every month when its not that am appealing to the god of fire or would rather say gods of Etisalat.

This time, i called customer care and the lady that spoke to me ended up pouring salt on my injure, while i was trying to explain what the issue is, she was actually gisting with her colleagues i guess and was even laughing out loud. I didn't notice this at first probably because she was covering the mouth piece of the device she was talking to me with, not until i finished talking and didn't get any respond from her, all i heard was giggles and chitchats and i had to ask twice if she was still with me before she actually responded and she was telling me to repeat myself over and over again,what insolence. I had to disconnect the call after pointing it to her that she was only playing me around.

I called again and the guy that spoke to me this time told me to unsubscribe which i did even before i decided to call and promised it wouldn't repeat itself.

Okay,this month Etisalat has done it again and this time its so painful. As a student, you should know how it is when one is broke and decided to squeeze N100 out of your little allowance left for the rest of the month, hoping it will atleast be useful to make calls for a while in order to get info about lectures, supervisor and other minor things only for you to realize N50 naira has been deducted again for crying out loud.

I called customer care this morning and all i got was you subscribed to a SMS subscription and you have been charged for it. And pointed it to me that thats the only help he could render that nothing else could be done to it.

The question is, are they all trying to tell me am silly enough not to realize that i subscribed for this same thing over and over again?
Why do i have to subscribe for football alert when am not a huge fan of football and can easily google out whatever i want to know about football?
I rarely hand over my phone to people because i am always doing one or two things with it, so who have the subscribing to this things? The ghost of my father?
Or am i paying off the debt of my forefather which obviously, they never used GSM because i can't rely phantom this.

I'm pained, yes i am. Its so painful. After coping with the fact that i had to use 3sims as a result of the unending flunctuation of network, do i have to cope with this monthly deduction too without getting refunds?

In a country where there is law, anyone could have sued Etisalat and co for Theft. NCC isn't even helping matters and its so painful we just have to live with this unjustness

__ A pained Customer__

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